HeSeta is a non-governmental organization that aims for a society of equality and individual welfare that includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. HeSeta organizes peer supportive group meetings for sexual and gender minorities, counseling and training on lgbtiq*-issues. HeSeta is based in Helsinki and operates in the Uusimaa area.


TOGETHER is a peer supportive community for lgbtiq*-people that are seeking an asylum in Finland or with refugee background.  The aim is to support well-being,  strengthen social networks and offer information about rights and services in Finland. You may have just arrived or stayed here for a while. You are welcome to join our group to meet new people from different backgrounds and enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere. In the group we will  get to know each other and have discussions on various themes.

TOGETHER activities are for lgbtiq*-people over 18 years old. In the meetings we speak English and most of the times have volunteers assist Arabic speakers. Some of the meetings are held in Russian, Farsi, Dari and Kurdish! The group meetings are held at HeSeta’s social space, which is located in Kaapelitehdas cultural centre in Ruoholahti district.

All the participants are met in private meetings before joining the group to ensure safety and give more detailed information to all participants. If you want to participate, please contact HeSetas manager Aaro Horsma. tel. 045 121 0026 / aaro(a) FB: Aaro HeSeta. All the participants are met before attending the TOGETHER-activites.


TOGETHER 2017 spring activities are;

  • Community Art group, meetings weekly
  • Together evenings, meetings weekly
  • Open Art Cafe, meetings weekly 
  • HeSeta/Sopu-group, meetings weekly
  • Womens Art group, meetings weekly
  • Russian speaking meetings, once a month
  • Farsi,Dari & Kurdish speaking meetings, once a month
  • Africa Together,  meetings once a month


The Community Art Project is for people that are seeking for asylum or have refugee background and belong to sexual and/or gender minorities (LGBTIQ*). The participants won’t need to have any experience in working with Art, the methods used are from Art Therapy, concentrating on creating a possibility for each participant to search for their unique artistic expression, their voice. Project will start September 2016, at HeSeta (located in Kaapelitehdas), it will last for a year. The project will have its’ own blog and exhibitions during the year. Project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, that has provided Mimosa a grant. For more information contact Mimosa / 0451210024 and from here


Community Art group, meetings weekly

Weekly group with a focus on learning about different art techniques and to encouraging each participant to find their own unique way of making art. Group is mainly for young people and young adults. In addition to visual arts, group’s activities include also discussions, creative writing, trips to museums and exhibitions, music and drama and relaxation exercises.

The Together evenings, meetings weekly

The original Together-group was created in Autumn 2015. Since then the weekly gatherings for lgbtiq*-asylum seekers and people with refugee background have gathered together for discussion on different topics, share experiences and strengthen their social support.

Open Art Cafe, meetings weekly 
Weekly group dedicated to good coffee, tea, conversations, art and relaxation in a safe space. Participants can try out different art techniques or just come enjoy a cup of coffee and soothing music. Art Cafe is open to all those who are involved in HeSeta’s Together Group or other Community Art Project Groups.
Closed group for lgbtiq*-asylum seekers and people with refugee background. Based on the knowledge of Sopu-rpject, such  as honour believes and honoured related violence,  and HeSetas knowledge in lgbtiq*-issues, the group focuses in issues such as sex & sexuality, family, community and culture, and all other topics the group chooses to discuss. 
Womens Art group
weekly group open to all feminine-identified people. With a bit more therapeutical approach, the group focuses on learning art techniques, finding creativity and relaxation in a safe space.
Russian speaking meetings
Добро пожаловать в новую группу для русскоговорящих лгбтик*!
Эти дискуссионные встречи – для представителей лгбтик* (18+), которые недавно переехали в Финляндию, например, просителей убежища, а также для тех, которые уже давно живут в стране. Цель группы – знакомиться с новыми людьми и усиливать связи и активность русскоязычного лгбтик*-сообщества в столичном регионе. Встречи в этом году: 19 ноября и 10 декабря с 13 до 16 часов в офисе ХеСета. За подробной информацией можно обращаться к ведущей группы Кирси: Предварительная запись не обязательна, но желательна. Спасибо и до встречи!
Africa Together

Group meetings once a month, aim is to bring together all LGBTQ people of the African descent living in Finland. The group aims to bring together people with residence permits and those still in the asylum process. We will also thrive to address health issues, safety and challenges that we have been facing as people of color in a minority. We wish to bring together especially the LGBTQ African residence in Finland to our meetings so that we also learn about the challenges that  they have been facing and how they have overcome or coping with the situation. At the same time the Africans in the asylum process will also get a chance to address the situation at the camps and immigration process. We also hope to discuss LGBTQ situations in our countries of origin.


Important information:

Information about seeking asylum in Finland: Applying for asylum

Legal help for asylum seekers: Refugee Advice Center


Information on services and support to LGBT people in Finland

History of LGBTI matters in Finland

Equality, marriage and health

Life of LBGTI people in Finland

LGBTI in Europe and worldwide



You can support the TOGETHER-activities by giving a donation through the online shop of Helsinki Pride

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